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    Meet Clarissa

    When Clarissa was 17 years of age and deciding what to do with her life, she narrowed it down to two options - nursing or teaching. Deciding that teaching may have considerably less blood, this is the path she chose! Not realising at the time, that it would turn out to ultimately be her life’s purpose of impacting young minds and lives, leading her to an even greater purpose today.

    Throughout her years of interactions with children, Clarissa was continuously looking for ways to do things better, to improve outcomes for learning, and cultivate successful social relationships. Over the years, she noticed a pattern of behaviour begin to emerge. Students of all primary ages were entering her classroom, and those of her colleagues, with limited problem-solving skills and resilience in relation to their own personal learning journey and their social interactions. What was lacking, were the resources to effectively assist students in both of these areas.

    This realisation gave Clarissa a yearning to find an even better way of doing things in the classroom – around both the academics and social aspect of children’s lives. This desire led her to continual professional growth through studying Applied Linguistics, and many different teaching pedagogies that significantly improved the outcomes of her students, and her own personal growth journey.

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    Hello, Brain?

    Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

    Hello, Brain? is an exciting new children's book that supports students, teachers and parents with practical insights and lessons on how changing their self talk can change their world. This series of short stories highlights various scenarios children experience at school everyday.  Often these scenarios can result in negative or unproductive self talk.

    Hello,Brain? demonstrates alternative language that, when used, has been proven to empower children to become happy, healthy and resilient learners.

    Ideal for children aged 3 - 10, all parents and Primary School Teachers

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    "There is so much info out there on the importance of mindfulness for children's learning ... but no actual resources. Until now. I'm so glad I found this! Also check out the author's page at as she has a big old bunch of extra ideas for teachers and parents. If you have children this book is a must have."

    J Albert

    "So very relevant for the early years classroom. It gives the kids a chance to see a growth mindset in action using relatable scenarios!"

    P Bosnjak
    Classroom Teacher & Parent

    "In a world with increasing expectations on our children, it feels like there are more influences, unknowns and distractions than ever before. In some ways it seems that there is more understanding of how to cope, as an adult, with areas such as mindfulness etc. However, I am not sure how much there is out there for children to really get their teeth into. Hello Brain is a wonderful resource for parents and children. As a parent the need for advice, support and knowledge is never ending. What a great resource. Looking forward to whatever comes next."

    N Nap

    Online Courses

    The Hello Brain Course

    Advanced training on how to use the 'Hello, Brain?' book more effectively, so you can enhance and empower your conversations when reading and using it with your children - both at home and in the classroom.

    Ideal for Parents and Teachers

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    "Your brain is the coolest thing, it will listen to what you say."

    Clarissa Johnson


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