Talk To Your Brain!

Hello Brain?

Children will learn that by "talking to their brain" they can be happier and more confident in almost any situation.

Your children will use the positive self-talk in this book to be able to better handle any situation. 

Positive self-talk and Growth Mindset are incredibly powerful tools for lifelong learning. This delightful new children's book brings Growth Mindset language into your child's world through 6 beautifully illustrated stories.

"Hello Brain?" is intended to be read to children by parents and teachers to stimulate discussion about the language to use to support and empower their children. By using and modelling the language demonstrated in "Hello Brain?" you can reinforce a positive growth mindset that will change the way your child thinks and responds to challenges ... it may also change how you think! 


Talk To Your Brain 

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Growth Mindset Teaching Resource 

By: Clarissa Johnson & Veronica Colley

Talk to your Brain is a program designed to engage young learners in a journey of self-discovery. The program provides daily micro lessons to assist teachers in developing and nurturing a Growth Mindset in children. This easy to follow resource takes you step by step through a sequence of discussions and activities to develop the power of language and how it impacts on learning and social interactions.

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum Social and Personal Capabilities, Talk to your Brain consists of four modules designed to be easily implemented over four school terms for Prep to Year 6.

“The seed you planted has well and truly grown into a beautiful tree.” – Parent Testimonial

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