Meet Clarissa Johnson

When Clarissa was 17 years of age and deciding what to do with her life, she narrowed it down to two options - nursing or teaching. Deciding that teaching may have considerably less blood, this is the path she chose! Not realising at the time, that it would turn out to ultimately be her life’s purpose of impacting young minds and lives, leading her to an even greater purpose today.

Throughout her years of interactions with children, Clarissa was continuously looking for ways to do things better, to improve outcomes for learning, and cultivate successful social relationships. Over the years, she noticed a pattern of behaviour begin to emerge. Students of all primary ages were entering her classroom, and those of her colleagues, with limited problem-solving skills and resilience in relation to their own personal learning journey and their social interactions. What was lacking, were the resources to effectively assist students in both of these areas.

This realisation gave Clarissa a yearning to find an even better way of doing things in the classroom – around both the academics and social aspect of children’s lives. This desire led her to continual professional growth through studying Applied Linguistics, and many different teaching pedagogies that significantly improved the outcomes of her students, and her own personal growth journey.

During her 20 years of experience in the classroom, Clarissa came to the realisation that what was needed was the ability to ‘ask a better question.’

In order to do this and to create an even greater impact, Clarissa realised that for her students to be better, she had to be better. In her search for improvement, she discovered the world of Personal Development. This discovery led her to find the voices of great teachers like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Jim Rohn and Wayne Dyer who are all sharing their message and teachings to help people create a better quality of life.

Inspired by these Thought Leaders, Clarissa has focussed on providing children with more effective skills and tools in the areas of mindset, learning and relationships. Equipped with these tools her students are consistently progressing further and faster scholastically. Clarissa is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences in this area. She has a vision of empowering parents and teachers with the language patterns and skills she has developed, in order to create children who know to change their thoughts and change their world. She imagines a future where all children have a mindset that empowers them to learn openly and live with appreciation and gratitude for their own talents, gifts and their ability to impact others!

The lessons found within the book ‘Hello, Brain?’ and Clarissa’s other teaching resources, are the direct result of thousands of real life experiences with hundreds of children.


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