A Grateful Heart


It's a simple concept but I am going to be very honest with you...

I used to think I was grateful. I would say how thankful and grateful I was for many things in my life - and I really was. But what I had not experienced until earlier this year was - 

Deep, true, heartfelt, to my very core - Gratitude.

The kind of gratitude that moves you so much you wonder how you could have gotten so lucky in this lifetime to have experienced what you have.

Have you ever experienced a moment like that?

Where you have had an experience or a moment in time or a memory and have been truly grateful?

This is my heart today -  for my kids and their parents I have had the greatest pleasure of getting to know this year. This blog is for them.


I have often heard it said that we should aim to develop an attitude of gratitude. But recently I heard that what we really want to aim for is having a Practice of Gratitude - as it is something we need to be conscious of each day (especially in the tougher, crazier moments!) 

Each year I always feel lucky to get to the end and look back and see that I have had a great year with a wonderful class.

This year, I have realised...

I am NOT lucky!


There have been so many times throughout this year, that I have felt sincere gratitude for:

* My amazing colleagues and their support

* My incredible parents who entrust me with their little humans to teach, support, encourage and guide through their learning journey, as well as all emotions that come with that, in their second year of school, AS WELL AS, their ongoing support in and out of the classroom!

* The awesome kids I have the greatest pleasure of teaching each day, getting to know, laughing with, wiping tears for, and being able to play but a small part of their young lives.

* The beautiful school that I am so incredibly lucky to teach at with the most amazing Administration who encourage and support you to become a better educator/family member/colleague/human being.

* My husband and family who support what I do and listen to me chatter away at the end of the day about 'my kids' and my day in general!

Now, don't get me wrong....there have been a number of times throughout the year when I have felt the time pressures and work pressures and some days are challenging! 

But even through all of that - the day to day joys have made this year what it was.



Can you:

Enjoy every single moment? The good. The bad. The beautiful. The ugly. The inspiring and the not - so glamorous moments - feeling grateful and thankful throughout it ALL?!

Being grateful for different moments throughout each day takes practice.

But I would like to invite you - both parents and teachers (and children!) to take a quiet moment now - 

When you look back and reflect on the year that has gone by:

 What is your biggest moment of growth this year?

 What gave you the most joy this year?

 What was your biggest lesson you learnt this year?

 What was your biggest challenge this year and why are you grateful for it?

 What positive change did you make or notice in your children and yourself this year that you are grateful for?

 What is one thing about your child's teacher that you are grateful for? (for the parents)

 What is one thing about the families you interacted with this year, that you are grateful for? (for the teachers!)

 What mistakes did you/your children make this year that you are grateful for?

 What are you grateful for at this VERY MOMENT...RIGHT NOW?

Let's teach our kids the PRACTICE OF GRATITUDE! Imagine how AMAZING their lives will be!!

Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life

Jack Canfield 

 Until next week...have a conscious and mindful week!

Clarissa xo

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