Have you ever wondered why some people always manage to seem happy or stay positive, even when things are not going their way?

How do they do it? Don't they ever feel sad, angry or frustrated about things?

Why do some people get stuck on something that someone said for a long time or something that happened at work while other people are able to let things pass by them with a lot more ease?

The answer is actually really simple.

It is all about FOCUS.

It took me a long time to learn this lesson because it was naturally easier at a stage in my life to focus on the things that were going wrong or not going my way instead of the things that were going right. The result? It simply caused me a lot more pain than was neccessary in my life! I just got to the point eventually, where I was in enough pain to want to change something!

There is a saying that you may have heard:

Where focus goes energy flows

Which simply means:

Whatever you are going to focus on or spend your time thinking about, that is where your energy is going to move towards and your actions and words follow that.

I was thinking about this today because we are coming to the end of the school year.

It is literally just around the corner! 


And on the last day of the year at my school, 2018 class lists will go up. Parents will be waiting in nervous anticipation to see which class their child will be in, who their teacher will be and who their peers will be.

The kids, however, will only be excitedly looking to see which friends will be in the same class with them. But parents....I can already sense the anxiety in them and I know they are already concerned about the unknown and what might be coming.

There has been, however, some chatter amongst our kids about the change that is coming and the uncertainty around that. So, over the last couple of weeks, we have started having discussions with our kids in class about moving into Year 2.

Now, I admit, this is a big deal when you are in Year 1. It is only your second year of school and the process is still all unfamiliar. 


What we focus on is going to determine where our energy and our emotions go.

So doesn't it make sense to focus on all the cool and exciting things?!

So I thought I may have some ideas that might help support teachers with their kids moving on and also that may help parents when the lists come out and transitioning into a whole new year level with a new teacher and friends that may be unfamiliar.

What you focus on will grow.

So let's see if we can help our kids (and ourselves) to focus more on the positive OPPORTUNITIES rather than the uncertainty of the unknown. are some questions that may help shift the focus:

 What will be exciting about making new friends next year?

 Which friends are you excited about having in your class next year?

 Who would you like to get to know?

 What would you like to know about your new teacher?

 What would you like him/her to know about you?

 What do you think was awesome about this year that you would like to do next year? 

 What do you think will be the same?

 What do you think will be different? And Why?

 What do you think you put a lot of effort into this year?

 What made you feel successful?

 What would you like to get better at next year?

Here is what I have learned...

* What parents (and teachers) focus on at the end of the year (especially around new year classes) is what their kids will focus on. 

* What energy parents (and teachers) bring, depending on how they feel and their emotions, will be same energy their kids will have.

This is why I LOVE the word OPPORTUNITIES!

The day before parents and kids get to see anything regarding new classes, I have a discussion about opportunities.

Here are a few ideas for discussion!

* What an amazing opportunity you going to have to be in a new class and get to know a new teacher and learn from them and grow! 

* What do you think will be great about that?

* How fantastic that your new teacher is going to get to know you like I do now and all the cool things you know and can do and what you love?! 

*  Why do you think it's a good idea to get to know someone new and for them to get to know you?

* How great is it that you get to learn new things and a different way of doing things with someone new?


Parents - you guys are doing an awesome job! It's ok to be concerned about the unknown. But be careful about spending too much time focusing on it because it may do more harm than good.

Teachers - what a great opportunity you have now to set your kids up for a joyful ending and the hope of possibilities!

 Focus on the solution, not the problem!

Until next week...have a conscious and mindful week!

Clarissa xo

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