It's all In the Timing

We live in a world where both kids and adults alike have an increased need for things to happen...yesterday! (Myself included!)

We get impatient with others, with situations, with life because things are not working out the way we planned them in our mind or things are not happening fast enough in our life. We get to different ages and stages in our life and we have this nagging feeling that we should have done more, had more, become more or be further along than where we are right now. We spend so much time planning what we want our life to be like or look like that we often forget to enjoy the journey we are on.

Sometimes I think - I wish I had started 'this' (whatever 'this' is!) years ago....then I would be 'here' (wherever 'here' is) today. If only I had this idea 10 years ago. If only I had started this thing when I was younger, then life would be better! I realise this is such a ridiculous thing to say but I know that I am definitely not alone in my thinking. What messes us up most in life, is this picture in our heads of what we think our life is 'supposed' to be. But the reality is, it is not 'supposed' to be any other way than what it actually is right now.

We are all simply forgetting one teeny tiny little fact that changes everything - Life is a journey. It is not about where we end up but it is how we get there. Often in life, we become so focused on the finish line, that we fail to find joy in the journey and realise that everything is happening at exactly the right time as it needs to be.

In life, timing is everything.


 Stress is a Liar

Life can be stressful when we focus on everything we need to do or when we focus on everything we think we should be doing. But the problem with stress is, is that it makes you believe that everything has to happen RIGHT NOW. It makes you think there is no other better time to do everything you have to do except for this very moment. The fact is, that is simply not true. Life is moving at its own beautiful pace and in its own beautiful way. Trust or faith in the universe or God - whatever you believe - will reassure you that everything is happening at the right time and not everything has to happen right now. Don't listen to stress. It is a liar! 

 You don't have control

Our suffering in life, the frustration we feel about our life not being the way we think it should be, is simply due to the fact that we like to be in control of everything. To be honest, this is a big one for me and I am still learning it. While we can plan and build and create amazing things in our life, the timing of how things happen is not in our control. We can plan for things, we can have timelines but you know those moments when you have this awesome plan in place and it looks like it all should go smoothly and then....well it doesn't? Yep....that is the universe yanking you back to reality just to give you a reminder that you really don't have any control over what happens in life and how or when things unfold!

  Figuring things out

My experience in life is that kids and adults alike, feel like when a problem arises, they need to solve it and figure it out straight away. Ultimately, this leads us back to stress. The idea that we think that every moment in life has to be figured out immediately is insanity! If life is a journey, and we are travelling along it, why would we think that things need to be figured out every moment of the day! The beautiful thing about NOT figuring life out right now is that every situation and experience we have leads us to make decisions, which leads us to change or growth, which leads us in different directions and ultimately, exactly where we are supposed to be. It is all connected. Our decisions, our timing - it has a ripple effect and leads us on the path we are meant to be on, whether we see it or not. 


When it comes to the timing in our lives and teaching it to our little humans, it is really not complicated. The following tips can be taught to everyone of every age and can be applied at any point throughout the journey of life!

 Right time, right place

We have this illusion that we are in control of what is happening in our life around us! Yes, we are in control of our actions, behaviours, responses etc. But the situations and timing of what happens in our life - well...we don't really have any control over those at all! So our responsibility is to simply learn to let go of control and trust the journey and the timing of whatever is happening in our life. Are we always going to be happy with it? No way! Are we going to feel annoyed or frustrated by it at times? Absolutely! But in every single moment in life, whether we realise it or not, whether life is feeling great or the complete opposite, we are always in the right place at the right time, in order to learn, grow, inspire, impact and become the person we need to become. Whether you believe in something bigger than yourself or not, life is not random. Be okay with where you are on your journey right now.

 What can I learn from this situation?

 What can I learn about myself?

 What can I learn about other people?

 What lesson can I take with me moving forward?

 Trust and Gratitude

Because of our conditioning, we have a habit of wanting change to be quick and painless. But it's not. So the only way to be okay with it being out of our control is to trust the timing of everything in our life. The best way to trust the timing is to practice gratitude. We can't just be grateful for all the good stuff though. It is important to practice gratitude for the hard stuff in life, the challenges, the moments when things don't go in the direction we thought they were going to, for all the closed doors and roadblocks. For all of those blocks and challenges are simply redirections and detours. They are the paths we were not meant to go down. They are the paths that lead to something even better. It is easy to be grateful when things are going well and when life is easy. It is harder when the timing of things in life is not in accordance with our own plan!

 What am I grateful for today?

 What challenge am I grateful for?

 What can I learn from this unexpected detour or redirection?

 Who you become 

Ultimately, the journey in life, from little humans to big humans, is all about who you become. The timing in life, the way things happen, when things happen, what we learn from it and how we grow from it, is helping us to become who we were meant to be. It may take some of us longer to get there than others because we need to learn how to unbecome everything that isn't really ourselves, in order to become who we really are.  Be okay with the journey and when things happen. Who you become is exactly what the world needs. Oh....and just so you know....your journey and the timing of what happens in your life is NEVER meant to be compared to the timing of someone else's journey. We are all running on individual clocks!

Everything is perfectly planned out with perfect timing. We only ever realise and understand it when we look back, forget our impatience and see how everything has happened like a perfectly planned miracle.

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Until next the timing of your life my friends and everything that is happening in it.


Clarissa xo

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