Mindful Happiness


It is a word that we hear so often these days. 

We all know the importance of taking care of our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us - both adults and children - and yet...it seems to be something that a lot of people seem to still struggle with today.

Life is busy. People, in general, live in scarcity - not enough time, not enough money, not getting enough sleep etc. Our mind is so busy and full of everything we think we should be doing and this all creates a level of stress that takes a considerable toll on our bodies - big and little humans alike.

I think as a general population, we underestimate the effect that stress has on our bodies and those of our little humans

However, I also do think that we are becoming a lot more mindful as well. It is a journey that I am noticing more and more people are on.

As the year kicks on though, the stress creeps in and some of us find being mindful more challenging.

In my 21 years of teaching, I can honestly tell you that last year was my first full conscious year of mindfulness. I am still a work in progress but it was a considerable improvement from anything I had done previously and I think this flowed down into my students.

Ultimately, the purpose of our lives is to be happy.

We all want it for ourselves. We all want it for the people we love and for our children. We all want it for the world around us.

But we are all still looking for something outside of us to make us happy. But it's not there!

Happiness is generated inside of us

- when we do something we said we would do

- when we show compassion and concern for others

- when we are kind to others

- when we act in a way where we expect nothing in return

- when we share our joy with others 

- when we share in other people's joy

- when we practise gratitude for the things we have right now

- when you smile! (This is my fave!)

- when we are still, in the moment, chilling out, relaxing, disconnected from technology, connected to ourselves and others around us.

- when we are simply breathing

Happiness is one of the most important parts of looking after our wellbeing.


My favourite game to play is - 'The Smile Game'. (I learned this from Brendon Burchard)

It is pretty simple.

The goal: to smile at as many people as you can and see how many people you can get to smile back at you!

Then: see what reactions you get (there may be no reaction!) and see how you feel (possibly a little awkward to start!)

Now I am talking a genuine smile! I admit...it feels a little weird at first to be smiling at people walking past, so just start with the people within your environment - home, work, gym, coffee shop etc 

But I encourage you to persist! You will be surprised when you find yourself just smiling more - even when no one is around!

This, obviously, is just a bit of fun to help change and lift your energy and happiness levels and possibly impact someone else's day! 

 What will you do to generate happiness within you this week?

 Is it something that could be shared with your little humans - especially as they move into the first week of school?

 Ask your children what makes them feel happy? What actions or activities or people?

 What does being happy mean to your children? (Hmmm! That is a question I might have to ask next week when the kids come back to school!)

 What activity can you do with your family this week to encourage mindful interactions and discussions?

We are all a work in progress, striving for a better quality of life.

Don't be so hard on yourself! You woke up this morning! You are alive and breathing!

There might be clothes on the floor and dishes in the sink and work to be done but you are doing an amazing job with life....so remember to be kind to yourself.

And whatever doesn't get done today.....oh well! 

Wellbeing is attained little by little and nevertheless...is no little thing itself.

Be mindful!

 The power of awareness changes our wellbeing

Dr Dan Siegel

Until next week....have a wonderfully amazing and mindful week!

Good luck with all the back to schoolers!

Clarissa xo





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