The Little Things

In life, we can not always do great things.

But we can do small things with great love. 

Mother Theresa

I found this quote as I was working this week and it got me thinking!

We are in the full swing of the Christmas Season with all of its trims and trappings. People are organising gatherings, parties, and their Christmas shopping lists. The shopping centres are full of people trying to decide what to purchase for their family members and friends - some with success and some with less, the carparks are full and most people have their trees and decorations up around the house.

Life is just plain hectic at this time of the year!

When it comes to giving gifts at this time of the year, it seems to be getting harder and harder to buy for others because most people buy what they want themselves these days! And then there are the sales!

Traditionally, I think we give gifts because it is fun to share the joy with others of opening them and (hopefully) having them like it! The fun is very much in the giving as well as the receiving these days and I know for certain, that I hear a lot of parents teaching this to their children. Which is awesome! It is good to know and learn, that there is a bigger world out there and there are families and children that are far less fortunate than ourselves. 

But I thought this holiday season, I thought I might challenge myself (and hopefully you) to try something a little different and be a little more conscious of the 'smaller' gifts. 

We all know, we have all heard it before - it's the little things that count, right?

I totally agree with this statement and thought it might be worth looking a little deeper into it!

I guess the first couple of questions are:

 What would you consider the 'little things' to be?

 What 'little things' brings you joy?

 What 'little things' brings joy to those around you?

I think the little things are the moments in our life where money is not exchanged, but instead, there is an exchange of your heart and part of yourself.

 Here are a few of mine. I would love to hear what your little moments are!

* Using someone's name - I was at some training a couple of months ago and one of the speakers asked: "What is the sweetest sound?" I was laughing, someone laughing, someone saying 'I love you'...but then he answered the question with this. I had never thought about it like that before. 

Take the time to remember and use someone's name today.

* Send a thoughtful email or text

* Giving some genuine thought to a gift

* A hug from a friend or a loved one

* Watching a sunrise or sunset

* Smiling at a passerby and they smile back in return

* A smile and laughter from your loved one

* A silly moment with your loved ones or friends

* A great glass of wine!

* A delicious meal

* Chilling out at home with a book you have been wanting to read and good company

* Having a coffee with a friend

* Saying a genuine thank you or being thanked for anything (even in the shopping centre!)

* Be patient with the people in the shopping centres!

* And the list could go on and on...

They are all little, everyday joys - all lined up in a row.

It's the people, the places, the memories, the moments of laughter and the feelings of happiness in our ordinary, everyday life.


What if this was your last interaction with people? What impression or impact or feeling did you leave?

What is the little thing that you did or said that left a lasting impression?

Imagine if we treated every interaction like that? I think there would be a major shift in how we treat ourselves and others. 

If this was my last...

(insert: email/ moment/ interaction/ text/ time spent with a friend/ hug/gift etc)...

I better make it a good one!

 What little thing will you do today and this Christmas Season, to bring joy into your own life and the life of friends, family and other people around you?

Never get tired of doing the little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts


Until next week...have a conscious and mindful week.

Clarissa xo









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