Talk To Your Brain Course

- Module 1 -

Mindfulness in the classroom impacts every area of learning and teaching. But what is the best way to teach it? How do you fit it into your day? What language do you need to know in order to teach and empower your students?

This online course provides you with a deep dive training into maximising the first module of your teaching resource.

This course is 10 weeks of video training to help you learn and teach the language of mindset in a more powerful and effective way and to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the language you are using.

This course will support you in doubling down on your training to be more effective in less time. 

This course will give you full access to two highly experienced instructors in education and growth mindset to answer any questions you may have.

Make a difference in your classroom today!

Ideal for ALL Primary School Teachers

By Clarissa Johnson & Veronica Colley 

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