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Do you ever feel OVERWHELMED at work?

Are you tired of TAKING WORK HOME all the time?

Do you ever feel like there are NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY to get everything done?


Do you feel like your work-life balance is completely OUT OF BALANCE?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions then join us and learn how to recognise when overwhelm is looming and how to avoid it and what to do if you are in overwhelm and how to get out of it. Come and discover how to avoid taking work home and to free up more of your personal time and how to tackle your to-do list in a more mindful way.

Creating a work-life balance is so important for teachers to be able to bring their best every day for their students, their colleagues, their families and themselves.

Meet Your Speakers

Clarissa Johnson


Clarissa is an advocate for teachers having a healthy work-life balance. After many years of teaching and personal development, she has learnt that the general belief that teachers need to work for hours and hours in their own time, is one that can be changed with the implementation of a few simple tools and techniques. Clarissa spent years doing what all good teachers do - taking work home, sacrificing time with family to get work completed, spending time on the weekend either in school or working at school and feeling overwhelmed by it all. Through some valuable coaching and implementing a few very simple strategies, Clarissa has been able to find a work-life ratio that is balanced and allows her to have more joy both at school and at home. An experienced teacher, she is known for her compassion and genuine approach to life and is committed to teaching teachers who have the same desire to make a positive change to the balance of their work-life ratio and live a more joyful life.

Veronica Colley


Veronica is an experienced teacher and is the co-creator of the 'Talk To Your Brain' Program for teachers. She began her career in South West Queensland before relocating to Brisbane a few years ago.  Like any young teacher, Veronica had the mindset that to be a good teacher she had to spend all of her time on school work - both in and out of school. After years of working this way and often feeling overwhelmed with a never ending list of work to do, she decided to learn how to 'Work Smarter not Harder' in order to find more balance in her life. Through learning and implementing a few simple strategies and being more mindful, Veronica has found increased joy at work, is less stressed and overwhelmed and has created more balance in her home life. She is an advocate for supporting and teaching other teachers  - both new and experienced - the same strategies that have assisted in her finding the balance she desired. Veronica is known for her gentle and encouraging manner and for creating authentic relationships with students, parents and colleagues alike. Her passion and desire to support other teachers on their journey toward a more mindful and joyful life is evident in every interaction she has.


Register now and bring along a friend or two who might also want to learn how to find more time and joy in their life by creating more balance in their life. We look forward to seeing you at the event – please arrive at 6pm for a 6.30pm start.


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